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Sid Johnson
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Updated 5-18-2017

I meet you in the place of your deepest need. So come to Me just as you are, leaving pretense and performance behind. You are totally transparent to Me: I know everything about you. Yet because you are My own—redeemed by My blood—I have unlimited, unfailing Love for you. Ask My Spirit to help you be honest and open with Me. Don’t be ashamed of your neediness; instead, use it to connect with Me in humble dependence. Invite Me to have My way in your life. Remember that I am the Potter, and you are the clay. The weakness you bring Me is malleable in My hands, and I use it to mold you according to My will. Your deepest need is to lean on, trust in, and be confident in Me. Accepting your lack of strength helps you lean on Me in unashamed dependence. I am training you to trust Me with all your heart and mind—a lifelong endeavor. And the best way to not be afraid is to have confidence in Me, your Strength.

1.  My prayer is that God will use me to take His light into a dark and sinful world.
2.  We must pray daily for our pastor, church staff, deacons and Sunday School teachers.
3.  May I live each day so that others may see Jesus in me.
4.  My prayer is that God will place His hands on the leaders of our country so that they can know God’s
    will for our country and bring unity to us.
5.  May we remember the work to be done around us and pray for Bryce as he leads the children.
6.  Remember our service men and women, policemen, firemen who place their lives on the line each day.
7.  Remember to pray for our ministries and missions as we carry the gospel to others.

Harold Stewart, Baptist Hospital
Lark and Sandra Hammond in the loss of their daughter, Laura.
Mary Lou Ellis; Del Slone; Rita Farmer; Ruby Yates; Buford Berry; Helen Phillips; Kay Carroll

Robert and Laverne Brooks                  Ray and Cornelia Bullock        
Gene Hartzog                                       Louise Kirby                           
Gerald and Lenora Smith                      Harold Stewart                        
Kathryn Trosper                                   Bill and Evelyna Beaty             
Ray Brown                                           Betty Bingham                         
Eleanor Graham                                    Doug Cutrer                                        
George Schultz                         Peggy Madden                        
Muriel Malone                          Kyrous Brown                                     
LIST FOR NON CHURCH MEMBERS Georgia Conn, daughter of Kay Carroll; Cathy Carter, daughter of Jeanette Creekmore; George and Toni Kersch in death of daughter, friends of the Lotts; Jim Turcotte; Scott Lasley, son of Rita Farmer;
It is imperative that you provide us with an address where prayer card;s can be mailed.

Remember to sign prayer letter

Prayer letters to be sent to: Doug Cutrer, George Schultz, Peggy Madden, Muriel Malone, Kyrous Brown, Etoile Brown, Boyce Verell, Kitty Tanner, Lou Gadmer, Donis Allen, Ruth Inez Guthrie, Helen Phillips, Cathy Carter, Georgia Conn

THE BLAKE at RIDGELAND (608 Steed Road, Ridgeland, MS 39157)
Lottie Watts, #222
BRANDON COURT (601-664-2259; 100 Burnham Rd., Brandon, MS 39042)
Maggie McAdory, 305A; Myrtle Thomas
BRANDON NURSING HOME (601-825-3192; 355 Crossgates Blvd., Brandon, MS 39042)
Lillie Thompson, room 322
BROOKDALE BRANDON (601-919-1208; 140 Castlewoods Blvd., Brandon, MS 39047)
Alvilda Jarrett, room 247; Nancy (Tillie) Ashley, room 225
CHADWICK NURSING HOME (601-372-0231; 1900 Chadwick Dr., Jackson, MS 39204)
Connie Slone (Del’s Mother), Danny Stampley, A114
COMPERE NURSING HOME (601-948-6531; 865 North St., Jackson, MS 39202)
Sandra Elliott, 9B; Onita Branton; Helen Graham
HARMONY COURT (769-251-2098; 5411 I-55 North, Jackson, MS)
Kelly Cooper
RIGGS MANOR (601-857-5011; 2300 Seven Springs Road, Raymond, MS 39154)
Etoile Brown, PC604; Boyce Verell, PC616; Kitty Tanner, B 104
THE WATERFORD(601-856-6131; 619 Highland Colony Pkwy., Ridgeland, MS 39157)
Lou Gadmer, apt. 106
WOODLANDS REHAB AND HEALTHCARE (601-924-7043; 102 Woodchase Park Dr., Clinton, MS 39056) 
Donis Allen, room 227; Ruth Inez Guthrie, room 215

BROOKDALE (601-926-1224; 501 E. Northside Drive, Clinton, MS 39056)
Bill Phillips, apt. 134
CHATEAU RIDGELAND, (745 S. Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS. 39157)
Rayvon Smith, Apt. 331; Wilma Rainey, Apt. 118
THE ORCHARD (601-856-2205; 600 Pear Orchard Rd., Ridgeland, MS 39157)
Bea Myers, Apt. 205; Linda Malone, room 228, Lee & Naomi Ferrell, room 331; Frances Raley, room 8
THE HOME PLACE (601-856-8041; 7521 Old Canton Road, Madison, MS 39110)
Evelyn Guess
ST. CATHERINE’S VILLAGE (601-856-0100; 200 Dominican Drive, Madison, MS 39110)
Polly Mitchell, Natchez, #4207


Joyce Anderson, c/o Sherry Navarro, 1723 St. Charles Way, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Off Campus Ministries

Art Compere, Jackie Dendy, Bessie Easterling, Sid Ellis, Helen Graham,  Maggie Hartle, Sid Johnson, Ernestine Lather, Jo-Ann Lawrence, Tony Lewis, Shannon Owen, Bill Phillips, Del Slone, Bobby Staples, Rufus Stevens, David Watts
Missionary Birthdays

For:  May 17, 2017

IMB: JA, JH, MB, (Central Asian); CR, JC, (East Asian); Russell Woodbridge, (European); RF, (Northern African and Middle Eastern); KB, (South Asian); AQ, MW, (Southeast Asian); JN, WH, (Sub-Saharan African). Retired: Celeste Brubaker, Rollie Ennis, Janice Hicks, LG, VH. NAMB: Leon Tran< (British Columbia); Johnny Helfrich, (IL); Matthew Crawford, (KS); Lisa Houston, (KY); Robert House, Matthew Ogden, (MO); Matthew Fidler, Jon Gutierrez, (NC); Donghyeok Jean, (TX); David Mayfield, (WA); Steven Edwards, Cherry Temple, (WV). Retired: Wanda Behnke, (CO); Pedro Rivera, (KY).

Month at a Glance
Edwina Robinson Special Day Offering

21   Senior Adult Day and Luncheon; menu: Garden
       Salad, Beef Tips and Rice, Carrot Souffle,
       Rolls, Apple Pie

23   AD04 Outing, Penn’s, Brandon; 6:00

30   Roundtable, “Blow Bubbles, Not Gaskets,” by
       Janie Walters, reviewer, Jeanette Davis


Month at a Glance

5/6-9/5   JOY Choir Out

6   Cheerful Hearts, Becky and Wayne
     Miller, noon    SALT meeting after lunch


13  Deacons’ Meeting, 5:30

14  Business Meeting

15  Widows and Widowers Banquet, 5:00, Grace Hall singing

20  Day Trip, Cleveland Grammy Museum

27  Take a Vet to Lunch Day, Ed McDaniel

27  AD04 Outing, Penn’s, Brandon, 6:00


This Week

 Thursday, May 18
  MS State Vet Home   10:00
  Briarhill                       2:00

  Sunday, May 21
  Windsong SS Class     9:00
  Belhaven                     9:00
  Sunday School            9:30
  Telephone SS Class   10:00
  Morning Worship        11:00
  Luncheon                   noon

  Monday, May 22
  Highland Home          10:00
  Tuesday, May 23
  Senior Adult Retreat
  Pleasant Hills            10:00
  AD04 Outing, Penn’s   6:00
  Wednesday, May 24
  Prayer Meeting          11:00
  Family Meal                4:30
  Prayer Meeting            5:15
  Bible Study                 5:30
  Chancel Choir              5:50