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April 14, 2014

Jesus came into Jerusalem knowing what was awaiting him, yet he came anyway.  Perfectly obedient to the Father… committed to fulfilling the Father’s plan even though it would lead to his death.  He loved you that much.

Betrayed by one of his own disciples, our Lord Jesus endured 6 “trials and judgments” on the night that he was betrayed.  The Bible mentions all of them… 1) Annas 2) Caiaphas 3) Sanhedrin 4) Pilate 5) Herod 6) Pilate.  The Jewish leaders had no authority to crucify Jesus after the mockery of their so called trials.  Pilate found Jesus innocent, deferred to Herod and finally yielded to the crowd’s cries of “Crucify Him.”  In their desperate attempt to do away with Jesus, the people rejected an opportunity to release Jesus and said that they would bear the guilt of his death.  And so the Son of God died the most cruel of all deaths, that of the cross.  Although he had the authority to call down legions of angels to free him, he loved you and me so much that he remained on the cross and gave his life so we might have forgiveness of our sin and be free from the punishment of our sin.  Showing he had power over death, three days later he rose from the tomb where they laid him.  In the following 40 days, he appeared to over 500 people.  A right relationship with God comes only by receiving His sacrifice for our sins.  Because He lives, we can face tomorrow; and life is indeed worth the living just because He lives.  What about you?  Have you received His sacrifice for your sins?

Absolute last call! Come go with us to Branson -If you have never seen one of these wonderful Biblical musical dramas, (we have seen Noah and Joseph the past two trips), you haven't lived. They say that this Biblical Jonah drama is fantastic. Besides that we wll see Six - the most popular show in Branson (an a capella group of men who sing the old songs), The Presleys, Comedy Jamboree, and have a Back Stage Tour of the Making of Jonah. There is still time to make a reservation. April 20 is the deadline to get your reservation for Branson. Your $400 covers all shows, the back stage tour, comfortable charter bus travel, 3 nights lodging at Lynina Inn and breakfasts at the hotel.

Senior Adult Day is April 27. Our Senior Adults will lead in the morning worship. Naomi Barnett will be our guest at the Luncheon following the service. Tickets for the program and the meal are $8. See Virginia Pennington to purchase your ticket.

Rarely do I ever recommend a movie for you to go and see, but there are two that are worth your viewing. God's Not Dead and Son of God are two Christian movies that you can take your family to see. The first one shows how God reveals Himself through His followers. The second tells the story of Jesus suffering for every person. You will be glad you went.

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